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The CiTi one pallet truck is ideal for rapid goods deliveries by truck and ensures efficient processes, even if the street or sidewalk are uneven and narrow. This is because of the wheels and drive of the pallet truck: The load wheels pivot, at the same time, the drive wheel with integrated motor has a large diameter. This helps the pallet truck to manage higher curbs. In addition, the compact truck can be maneuvered effortlessly, because the operator controls all movements and the brakes easily using their thumb on the EasyControl joystick. The parking brake stops the truck safely on gradients or on truck hoisting platforms. The electric pallet lift truck CiTi one has a lifting capacity of 500 kg.



Product Overview

If the operator releases the EasyControl joystick, the truck brakes automatically using its electromagnetic disc brake. In critical situations, the operator can also press the belly switch. The truck then stops immediately. The CiTi one also has a parking brake to safely immobilize the truck on gradients or on truck hoisting platforms. An additional emergency stop switch on the cover is always within reach. The horn in the tiller head warns passing people of impacts.

  • Electromagnetic disc brake
  • Belly switch
  • Parking brake
  • Emergency stop button
  • Horn

Driving, lifting, lowering, acceleration, and braking. All these functions are effortlessly controlled by the operator with only one hand on the tiller head. A small movement of the thumb on the EasyControl joystick is all that’s needed. The rubber tires keep noise levels down during the working day. They absorb vibrations on uneven streets or cobblestones. The motor is also very quiet.

  • Effortless control
  • Driving and lifting with the EasyControl joystick
  • Cushioned rubber tires
  • Quiet motor

The pivoting load wheels makes it easy to cross curbs and other obstacles with a height of up to 70 mm and a gradient of up to 8 percent. At the same time, the compact pallet truck can be precisely controlled using the large drive wheel. The motor is integrated into the drive wheel and accelerates the CiTi one quickly to a maximum speed of six kilometers per hour. In challenging driving situations, an automatic booster effect increases torque for a short time. This makes it easier, for example, to load pallets onto a truck.

  • Obstacles are easy to cross
  • Pivoting load wheels
  • Precise control
  • Powerful motor in the drive wheel
  • Booster effect for a higher torque

The CiTi one pallet truck from Linde ensures long servicing intervals and simple service processes. The truck has no hydraulic lifting system which would require intensive servicing. Instead, we use a rugged ball screw drive. The service technician can easily reach all components. A quick error analysis is done using the CAN bus structure of the CiTi one. The electric motor is maintenance-free. The battery can be quickly replaced using the ‘Plug & Play’ function. The multi-function display shows the current charge.

  • Maintenance-free electric motor
  • CAN bus structure
  • Easily accessible service components
  • Battery change using ‘Plug & Play’
  • No hydraulic lifting system
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