T20 – T25 AP

Convenient and fast pallet handling

The T20 – T25 AP pallet truck from Linde Material Handling is equipped with a fold-out, fully suspended stand-on platform. Over longer distances, the operator can comfortably ride on the platform at speeds of up to 10 km/h (6.2 mph), protected by the folding side guards. The platform also registers when the operator leaves the platform and automatically brings the vehicle to a halt. If necessary, the operator can steer the vehicle as a pedestrian truck. The truck is also suitable for loading and unloading applications: with its narrow chassis, innovative castor wheels and creep speed function, it allows precise manoeuvring and offers optimum stability. If the operator releases the butterfly steering or changes direction, the truck brakes automatically. When cornering, it reduces its speed. The pallet truck is available with alternative fork lengths and the Linde BlueSpot™ as options.



Product Overview

During travel, the operator stands on the T20 – T25 AP pallet truck’s fully suspended platform. Side guards ensure the operator always remains within the truck’s chassis contour. The platform also functions as a dead man’s switch and automatically brakes the vehicle if the operator descends or falls. The truck automatically reduces speed when cornering. To prevent loads from falling, a load backrest can be added as an option. The optional Linde BlueSpot™,which visually indicates the approaching truck with a blue dot on the ground, is particularly suitable for busy warehouse environments.

  • Fully suspended folding platform
  • Folding safety guards
  • Speed adjustment when cornering
  • Optional load backrest
  • Optional BlueSpot™

The operator can either stand comfortably on the fold-out, fully suspended platform or use the vehicle as a pedestrian operated truck. The suspension compensates for any impacts and uneven ground during the journey. The operator operates the ergonomic tiller head with either hand. The user-friendly multifunctional display keeps the operator informed of the current vehicle status. There is a spacious compartment for the operator to stow work equipment, such as gloves or packaging film.

  • Folding suspended stand-on platform
  • Ergonomic tiller head
  • User-friendly multifunctional display
  • Spacious storage compartment

With its powerful 2.3-kW three-phase motor, the T20 – T25 AP accelerates to a top speed of up to 10 kilometres per hour. The operator can fold out a full-suspension platform and ride in an upright position. The truck’s narrow design makes it the ideal vehicle for narrow or highly frequented storage areas. Innovative castor wheels and the creep speed function facilitate precise steering and offer optimum traction and stability when handling loads.

  • Powerful 2.3-kW three-phase motor
  • Compact chassis
  • Innovative castor wheels
  • Creep speed function

Thanks to its maintenance-free AC drive and highly durable construction, the T20 – T25 AP pallet truck has a long service life with low maintenance costs. All internal components are easily accessible and clearly arranged. The service technician reads the vehicle data conveniently and reliably via CAN bus connection.

  • Maintenance-free motor
  • Rugged construction
  • Easily accessible components
  • CAN bus connection
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