Linde connect Hardware

The Linde connect hardware components connect the forklift truck fleet with database software. They collect and transmit control and sensor data and make them available for further processing. Alternatively, they serve as an electronic ignition lock with PIN or RFID identification.

Retrofitting Solutions

New trucks are delivered with the Linde connect hardware as standard, but all components are also available as retrofit solutions for existing forklift trucks and those from other manufacturers. As standard, Linde offers data communication via GPRS to the Linde Cloud and via Bluetooth to local databases. Other wireless transmission technologies such as WLAN can be configured as per the customer’s requirements.

connect:data unit (CAM)

Only authorised drivers can unlock and use the forklift truck using a PIN or RFID chip via the connect:access units. The software for additional connect: function modules can be installed via the Bluetooth connection. Both the PIN and the RFID units can be retrofitted with minimum effort to existing Linde forklift trucks or those of other manufacturers.

connect:data unit (CDX)

The CDX unit collects data on the forklift truck and transmits it via the mobile communication network to the Linde Cloud servers. It can be ordered as a complete retrofit kit from the Linde world distribution center in Kahl. It only takes a few minutes to install the components. The unit is connected to a CAN bus and is ready for operation immediately after installation.

Bluetooth Retrofit Kit

Forklift trucks that are not equipped with Bluetooth-ready PIN or RFID units can be easily integrated into the fleet management system with the Bluetooth retrofit kit. The retrofit kit is easily inserted into the forklift truck’s wiring harness and connected to the existing access module.

Linde connect Support

All your components from one source: Linde has experts in hardware and software development, product support and consultation who will support you in the design and implementation as well as the ongoing operation of your fleet management system. The Linde connect hardware and software components are continually enhanced and new functionalities added.