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Industry Leading Training Courses Accredited by the RTITB

Due to the specialised skill set required to operate a forklift, it is essential that all operators receive expert initial and regular, consistent refresher training. The Linde range of RTITB accredited Forklift Training Courses is designed to give forklift operators the knowledge and skills required to operate a forklift safely and in compliance with Health and Safety legislation.

Forklift Driver Training

In many countries, forklift driver training is a mandatory requirement for being able to operate a forklift truck. However, apart from this purely legal requirement, there are a multitude of other reasons why well-trained drivers are of benefit to companies. Drivers that are familiar with the trucks and the safety precautions cause fewer accidents. This reduces the damage to forklifts and goods as well as downtimes caused by trucks being damaged. Moreover, the training events teach drivers how to use their trucks productively and in an energy-saving manner. This includes knowledge of load ratios, tilt stability, care, and servicing as well as the causes of accidents and what to do in the event of an accident. Forklift driver training includes a theoretical and practical section, which each end in an examination.

Benefits of Forklift Driver Training at a Glance

  • Legally compliant operation of trucks
  • Increase in safety and productivity
  • Reduction of damage to goods, equipment, and forklift trucks
  • Optimization of battery life
  • Training on-site or at a Linde location
  • Customized training packages

Posters for Daily Checking

The regular care of forklifts, as taught in the training, is often neglected in everyday operations. As a way of providing assistance, Linde supplies two posters for the daily checking of IC trucks and electric forklift trucks. Displayed in a visible location, they remind and support drivers in caring for their trucks on a regular basis.

Training for Pedestrian Industrial Trucks

“Pedestrian industrial trucks,” such as electric hand lift trucks, are practical and nimble assistants for logistics operations, making them an extremely popular choice. Although their operation is straightforward and intuitive, statistically, they are responsible for most accidents. It is therefore crucial that employees are aware of the dangers and know how to operate these trucks correctly. The relevant training offered by Linde teaches participants everything they need to know about topics such as:

  • Stability
  • Examples of accidents
  • Correct operation
  • Daily operational test
  • Correct charging of the battery
  • Care and servicing