T20 – T25 SR

Best productivity in the tightest of spaces

The T20–T25 SR pallet trucks are suitable for a wide range of applications over medium distances and in tight spaces, such as transporting and storing pallets and loading and unloading trucks. This is made possible by the particularly compact 790 mm-wide chassis, which is narrower than a Europallet. In addition, with a top speed of 12 km/h, the trucks ensure extremely fast and productive handling. Thanks to a stabilisation system for level compensation, this applies even under difficult conditions, e. g. in areas with many uneven or sloping surfaces. The operator also has excellent visibility in all directions due to the lateral standing position on the vehicle.



Product Overview

The operator’s platform, which is completely decoupled from the chassis, reduces vibrations and prevents premature operator fatigue. This enables operators to work efficiently and to maintain focus throughout an entire shift. The robust design and proven, safety-tested components make the truck a reliable work aid. In addition, the specially shaped fork tines and guide skid enable smooth pallet handling even with narrow pallets. This extends the service life of the components and also ensures efficient, safe and simple pallet handling.

  • Vibration-decoupled operator’s platform
  • Padded backrest
  • Robust construction
  • Optimised fork tines for easy pallet holding

The lateral standing position, which is perpendicular to the direction of travel, together with the vibration-decoupled standing platform and the padded backrest ensure a comfortable, fatigue-free working position. The innovative ‘Tip Control’ allows the operator to control the vehicle intuitively and with one hand. The control handle can be attached to the left or right. A low entrance makes access to the vehicle easier.

  • Lateral standing position
  • Padded backrest
  • Intuitive control
  • Control handle optionally left or right
  • Low entry level

One of the strengths of the T20–T25 SR pallet trucks is their high productivity. The extremely compact chassis makes the trucks particularly manoeuvrable and the intuitive one-handed control allows precise manoeuvres even in the tightest of spaces. Load capacities of 2000 to 2500 kg and acceleration of up to 12 km/h are possible thanks to the maintenance-free, powerful 3 kW three-phase AC motor. These features make the T20–T25 SR pallet truck ideal for intensive loading and unloading of trucks as well as for fast transportation of pallets. A spacious storage area offers space for work gloves or other work utensils. Battery replacement is also particularly easy thanks to lateral removal with integrated rollers.

  • Intuitive one-handed control
  • High manoeuvrability
  • Powerful engine
  • Spacious storage area
  • Easy battery replacement

The components of the pallet truck are easily accessible for the technician so that maintenance can be carried out quickly and easily. Maintenance-free technologies help to increase vehicle availability and reduce maintenance costs. With a CAN bus connection, the truck’s system data can be analysed quickly and reliably via notebook. Thanks to these characteristics, carrying out maintenance on the T20–T25 SR pallet trucks is particularly thorough and efficient.

  • Easy maintenance access
  • Maintenance-free components
  • High vehicle availability
  • Fast diagnosis through CAN bus connection
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