The MT 15 electro pallet lift truck has a compact chassis, can be taken onto a truck, and makes many manoeuvres inside the truck or in narrow aisles much easier. The operator doesn’t have to use a great deal of power, because the powerful AC motor drives all of the movements of the truck efficiently. Control is effortless with only one hand using a few switches on the tiller handle. The long tiller provides safety because of the distance between the operator and the truck. In addition, electromagnetic brakes reduce the speed when the operator releases the butterfly switch on the tiller. A low chassis stops your feet from getting under the pallet truck. The motor is effectively protected from impacts by a metal shell. The MT15 electric pallet lift truck has a maximum load capacity of 1,500 kg.



Product Overview

If the operator releases the tiller, the MT15 automatically activates a parking brake and quickly stops. The truck will also decelerate in a controlled manner when the butterfly switch on the tiller handle is no longer pressed. The operator is a good distance away from the truck when it is in motion because of the long tiller. A low chassis stops your feet from getting under the pallet truck. The round design of the truck ensures safety during handling. There are no sharp edges or corners on which one could be injured.

  • Controlled speed reduction
  • Parking brake when tiller is upright
  • Low chassis protects feet
  • Rounded corners and edges

Tiller head and butterfly switch are ergonomically shaped. All the control elements are easily accessible on the tiller. The truck can be navigated and used effortlessly. The operator hardly needs any power to lift and transport the load, because the electro pallet lift truck performs all the movements itself.

  • Ergonomic tiller handle
  • Control elements are easily accessible

Compact shape, precise drive. These enable the electric pallet truck MT15 to be used in the tightest of spaces for increased cargo handling. The operator can precisely control the truck with just one hand. A quick-reacting butterfly switch is available on the tiller head to control the speed. Technicians can adjust the maximum speed and acceleration of the MT15 to the conditions on site, making handling even easier. Small rollers on the tips of the fork make it easy to load pallets.

  • Compact chassis shape
  • Precisely controllable drive
  • Adjustable maximum speed
  • Rollers for loading and unloading on the fork tips

The battery of the MT15 has a long life, requires no servicing, and can be charged at any standard socket. The charger for this is integrated. The energy management of the truck ensures an even longer battery life, because it shuts down the lifting function when the battery has drained to 20 percent. Thus the battery can never be completely drained. The AC motor is nearly maintenance-free.

  • Maintenance-free battery with long life
  • Protection from complete drain
  • Low-maintenance AC motor
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