T16 L

Transport and occasional order picking is more ergonomic, safer, and quicker

The pallet truck with order picking lift T16 L makes handling and occasional order picking easier. The operator lifts the pallet to a comfortable height and can then deposit or load the goods. In addition, the truck adapts this lift automatically with the optional AutoLift function. The load height for the operator thus remains the same even when goods are stacked on the pallet. A rugged steel construction protects the truck from damage during tough, continuous use. The low chassis covers the wheels and protects the operator’s feet. The powerful three-phase motor provides good acceleration, even with the maximum load of 1600 kg. At the maximum lift height, the truck has a residual load capacity of 800 kg.



Product Overview

The low chassis covers the wheels and protects the operator’s feet. The extra long tiller of the T16 L is mounted at a low point on the truck. This creates a safe distance between the operator and the truck when it is moving. The tiller head offers additional safety, because it completely surrounds the driver’s hands. The SafetySpeed function is available as an option. It adjusts the speed to the tiller position – the higher the tiller, the slower the speed. This increases safety in tight spaces.

  • Deep-drawn chassis for foot guard
  • SafetySpeed Function
  • Tiller with hand protection
  • Low tiller mounting point

The order picking lift of the T16 L eliminates the need for the operator to kneel down or bend their back during loading. There are switches on both sides of the truck to easily control this lift. The truck automatically adjusts to the order picker using the optional AutoLift. The loading height remains ideal for the operator even when the goods are stacked high on the pallet. The T16 L has deep storage compartments offering plenty of convenient stowage space for work materials.

  • Easily controllable order picking lift
  • AutoLift for automatic picker adjustment
  • Deep storage compartments

The powerful three-phase motor accelerates the pallet truck quickly to a top speed of six kilometers per hour – both with and without a load. The truck can also manage gradients even with a full load. The motor can also achieve a higher torque with the booster effect when difficult situations need to be dealt with. The residual load capacity is still 800 kg at maximum picker height. Broad masts ensure stable transport.

  • Powerful three-phase motor
  • High residual load capacity
  • Broad masts for more stability
  • Booster effect for a higher torque

The materials used ensure greater stability and reduced repair coasts: The mast and fork carriage are made of high-quality, strong steel. The tiller and motor cover are made of particularly tough, fiberglass-reinforced, materials. This construction absorbs a lot of impacts and bumps during tough, continuous use. Rapid service processes are guaranteed by the CAN bus connection. The service technician connects their laptop and then performs a rapid truck diagnosis. All of the service components of the T16 L are easy to reach.

  • Rugged construction for low service costs
  • CAN bus structure
  • Easily accessible service components
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