Ergonomic work space for narrow aisles

The Linde V10 vertical order picker has been designed for order picking tasks at the first and second racking levels, as well as occasional working up to a height of 6.35 meters. The cab and all the control elements meet all the ergonomic requirements for effortless working. The truck is available with a walk-on loading platform or auxiliary lift. Various lift motors, and chassis, cab and mast variants can be configured in almost any combination. The equipment can therefore be adapted to individual requirements and achieve a high level of picking frequency performance. It can be used with mechanical or inductive guidance or be freely movable – in each case with a maximum load of 1000 kilograms.



Product Overview

The driver must touch two hand sensors, as well as the dead-man’s switch to be able to move the truck. This prevents misuse or operating errors. With a platform height greater than 1.20 meters, the electrically monitored side barriers must be closed to be able to operate the truck. When the cab is raised and when negotiating corners, the truck slows down automatically. Depending on lift height and steering angle, the optional assistance system, Linde System Control (LSC), adjusts the speed automatically and completely variably.

  • Three point operation
  • Automatic speed reduction on cornering and with cab raised
  • Good view from large mast width
  • Electrically monitored side cabinets
Thanks to simple and ergonomic control, the driver can operate the V10 precisely and effortlessly. The cab provides plenty of space for the picking procedure. It is spring-suspended and protects the operator from shock. The low entry takes the strain off the legs when getting in and out frequently. On the model with auxiliary lift, the low railing on the forks facilitates the operator’s movements between racking and pallet. Various compartment areas and equipment variants, such as radio equipment, fans, data terminal and goods scanners, mirrors, and lights, support the operator’s work.

  • Spacious cab
  • Low entry and railing height
  • Spring-suspended cab
  • Ergonomic control
The V10 vertical order pickers have powerful three phase motors for high lifting and travel speeds. In addition, the trucks can move and lift at the same time. In this way, the operator can reach the desired racking location in the shortest time via the quickest route. Both of the basic variants of the trucks in this product line can be individually configured to suit any application, with a walk-on platform or auxiliary lift as well as a wide range of cabs, chassis, and mast variants. This, along with the ergonomic operation enables a high degree of productivity to be achieved. Economical electric motors and energy return when braking improve the cost-effectiveness.

  • Simultaneous driving and lifting
  • High lifting and travel speeds
  • Individual equipment
  • Energy recovery
All truck components are easily accessible for the service technician. Also, he is able to read and check all data easily on the service laptop. A CAN bus connection is provided for this. The active cooling system increases the availability of the truck, even under intensive working conditions. The encapsulated rotary current drives are maintenance-free. Battery changing is done to the side using roller beds and a removal rack or by using a crane.

  • CAN bus connection
  • Service components easily accessible
  • Active cooling system
  • Maintenance-free motor
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