Order Picking Solutions for First and Second Level Shelving

The V08 low-lift order picker with lifting driver platform is available in two basic versions: either with prongs attached directly to the platform for accessible load pick-up, or with an additional lift for a height-adjustable loading surface. There are a wide range of modules and equipment elements that can be individually configured to suit the application at hand. This allows the truck to always offer ergonomic working conditions and ensure high handling rates in the lower shelving levels, thanks, for example, to shortened prongs for the truck version with walk-on loading area. This allows for a smaller turning radius for halls with limited space. Moreover, the operator benefits from the positioning of the control platform in front of the battery, which reduces physical strain and increases picking frequency. Depending on the version, they boast a lifting capacity of 700 to 1000 kilograms.



Product Overview

While driving and lifting, the driver always remains safely within the confines of the truck. If the driver releases the driving switch, the truck brakes automatically, further reducing the risk of accidents. The truck version with an additional lift features a large backrest for a safe driving position. During the lifting process, the driver has a perfect view of the prongs, and optional sidebars protect against falling out of the side of the truck.

  • Safe standing platform
  • Reduced speed when cornering
  • Backrest for optimal stability in additional lift variant
  • Optional sidebars
The broad, flat access to the truck makes it easier for the driver to mount and dismount. The suspension in the driver’s platform not only dampens vibrations, it also acts as a dead man’s sensor. The central steering control features two ergonomically shaped handles into which all control elements are integrated. . The platform is lowered to its lower position using the soft landing function, which also protects the driver from vibrations.

  • Low, broad access
  • Foot mat with damping and dead man’s sensor
  • Central steering control with all control elements
  • Gentle lowering of platform
The operator can reach the loading areas of the different V08 variants very easily: In truck version 01, the prongs are welded directly to the driver’s platform, allowing the driver to access the loaded pallet and put down the goods. Truck version 02 has an additional lift, with which the driver raises the pallet to an ergonomic height. Putting down the goods therefore requires less effort and picking speed increases. The V08 order picker essentially allows the operator to reach the desired shelf level quickly, as the truck can raise its platform while it is still moving. Plus, the operator can easily lower the platform using the foot switch. The self-centering power steering ensures that driving in a straight line is extremely precise, which ultimately saves time.

  • Simultaneous driving and lifting
  • Foot switch for lowering the platform
  • Linde Load Control for the platform’s lift functions
  • Self-centering power steering
The three-phase motor is protected against dust and contamination, and is therefore maintenance-free. The technician can easily access all service components by removing a service panel. He can then read out the current technical parameters via the CAN bus connection and check them on the service laptop. Lateral battery changing can be carried out using a roller conveyor, and the wheels can also be easily replaced. The robust construction of the central components such as the chassis, mast, and forks ensure the order picker’s long service life.

  • Maintenance-free three-phase motor
  • Technical data via CAN bus connection
  • Easily accessible service components
  • Rapid battery and wheel changing
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