N20 LoL


Equipped with long load arms and an additional liftable fork, the N20 LoL from Linde Material Handling enables the loading of two pallets at a back-friendly height in just one order picking cycle: First, the driver fills one pallet at an ergonomic height and attaches the second pallet vertically to the back of the fork. As soon as the first pallet is fully loaded, the driver lowers it onto the load arms and transports it in front of the fork. The operator then effortlessly transfers the second pallet onto the forks and starts the next job at a height that is also easy on the back. The position of the operator platform in front of the battery allows the operator to observe their surroundings while driving and to react to dangerous situations at an early stage. Thanks to the fully spring-loaded operator platform, the operator is optimally protected against shocks and vibrations during the journey. A robust steel bumper at the front of the order picker ensures improved protection of the forklift truck frame and operator platform.



Product Overview

The order picker automatically reduces its speed when cornering and increases braking power when a heavy load is transported. The mast command is located at the rear of the truck to ensure that the operator keeps an eye on the load before operating the forks. The lowering to the load arms is regulated to allow the smoothest possible landing of the cargo. If the forklift truck registers an unoccupied operator platform or the emergency button is activated, it stops immediately. For even more visibility in the aisles, front LED and Linde BlueSpot™ are available as options: The energy-saving lights give visual warning of the truck at an early stage. The position of the operator platform in front of the battery gives the driver an optimum panoramic view of the warehouse environment. A robust steel bumper also protects the truck frame and the operator platform.

  • Automatic speed adjustment in curves
  • Increased braking performance when transporting heavy loads
  • Regulated lowering to the load arms
  • Stops automatically when no operator is present on the platform

The N20 LoL order picker ensures efficient material flow: If required, the operator can safely carry a second pallet vertically with the optional pallet locking device and complete another order immediately after the first. Thanks to the mast construction, the operator lifts the pallets with the fork to the optimum height, thus reducing physical strain. Low, double-sided access at a height of 137 mm ensures quick boarding and alighting. For short distances, the operator can also conveniently control his forklift truck from both sides using the optional pedestrian function. During travel, the spring-loaded operator platform compensates for vibrations and shocks both on the steering wheel and on the ground. The backrest with fold-out seat and the steering wheel are optionally height-adjustable. The operator platform is also equipped with a storage shelf, a bottle holder and a paper compartment.

  • Low access on both sides
  • Pedestrian mode can be operated from both sides
  • Fully suspended operator platform

The N20 LoL quickly reaches its top speed of 12 km/h thanks to the 3 kW three-phase AC motor. With the optional lithium-ion battery, the operator can conveniently use their breaks to charge the order picker. The adjustable Linde steering wheel offers intuitive operation: All forklift truck functions can be safely controlled with one hand thanks to the clearly arranged controls. In addition, the electric steering centering with sensors on the ground guarantees reliability on transport routes. An initial lift function facilitates transport over ramps and bumps.

  • Powerful 3 kW three-phase AC motor
  • Lithium-ion batteries for efficient interim charging (optional)
  • Electric self-centering steering

The maintenance requirement for the N20 LoL is low with a running time of about 1,000 operating hours without a service check. The three-phase AC technology is completely maintenance-free. Thanks to the CAN bus connection, technicians can quickly and easily read out all relevant service information. Access to the technical components is effortless. The engine and battery covers can also be opened easily. A robust cast steel bumper protects the spring-loaded operator platform and thus reduces collision damage.

  • 1,000 operating hours without servicing
  • Maintenance-free three-phase AC technology
  • CAN bus connection
  • Easy access to the technical compartment
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