HT100 – HT180 Ds


The HT100 – HT180 Ds IC trucks are fast and efficient when handling heavy loads: a fact guaranteed by the well coordinated combination of modern diesel engines, transmission, and hydrodynamic drive. This technology ensures exceptionally strong handling performance, particularly for transport over long distances. What’s more, drivers of trucks in this class benefit from excellent all-round visibility, as essential components, such as the mast and counterbalance, have been designed for optimal vision.


Product Overview

As well as allowing a clear view of the raised load, the armored glass roof also protects the driver against any falling goods. The cab’s large doors provide an all but unrestricted view of the working environment on all sides, while the exhaust system, air intake, and the optional air conditioning system are all positioned on the truck so as not to obstruct the driver’s field of view. When reversing, a loud (85 dB) warning signal sounds, alerting other trucks and persons on foot.

  • Armored glass roof
  • Vision-optimized counterbalance
  • Audible reversing signal
  • Good all-round visibility

The visibility-optimized design of the truck means the driver does not have to make unnecessary head and body movements, and they also benefit from the ergonomic design of the spacious cab. The height of the armrests and steering column can be adjusted, all control elements are well within reach, and the bright display is easy to read. What’s more, the low-vibration cab reduces the vibrations felt by the driver. The multiple equipment variants mean that the workspace can be made to measure for individual needs.

  • Adjustable armrests, steering column, and seats
  • Spacious driver’s cab with ample leg room
  • Hydraulic suspension seat
  • Low-vibration driver’s cab

Despite their size and power, the HT100 – HT180 Ds IC trucks consume very little fuel. This is made possible by the precise combination of efficient diesel engines and a hydrodynamic transmission, that allows the truck to move and accelerate extremely precisely. Additionally, Linde Load Control allows the driver to control all mast functions with speed and precision, thereby improving handling performance.

  • Efficient engines
  • Hydrodynamic transmission
  • Linde Load Control

Robust engines, long maintenance intervals: in the MTU engine variant, the HT100 – HT180 Ds IC trucks require servicing only after 750 operating hours. With a Perkins engine, this figure is every 500 operating hours. For trucks with a 7″ color display, the Linde Service Monitoring System is available on request, featuring sensors that detect driving performance and usage in real-time. This makes oil change intervals very precise. In order that every service process runs quickly, service technicians can tilt the cab forward to gain access to the equipment from both sides.

  • Long maintenance intervals
  • Service access from two sides
  • Linde Service Monitoring System
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