H40 – H50 EVO


The quality of the H40 – H50 IC trucks really comes to the fore in especially long and challenging applications. Powerful engines, a hydrostatic direct drive, and the Linde Load Control lift mast control system all ensure consistently high operational performance. At the same time, the truck only rarely needs to be taken off duty for servicing, as the bearings of the axles and tilt cylinders, for example, do not require maintenance. The same applies to the robust direct drive that operates without a transmission or drum brakes. Enhanced safety is assured thanks, among other things, to the Linde Protector Frame, that sees the roof and frame form a single robust unit.


Product Overview

The Linde Protector Frame provides outstanding protection for the driver, surrounding them with a closed unit formed from the frame and roof. And in the H40 – H50 IC trucks, the driver also retains good all-round visibility, thanks to the slim profile of the lift mast and the overhead tilt cylinders which remain out of view. Linde Curve Assist prevents the truck moving at an excessive speed around bends, while brakes without a control delay and kickback-free steering assist the driver in better controlling the forklift. The impressive residual capacity guarantees excellent safety even when bearing heavy loads.

  • Linde Protector Frame
  • Linde Engine Protection System
  • Linde Curve Assist
  • Good all-round visibility
  • Control redundancy

The design, operation, and technology of the H40 – H50 IC trucks are all built around the ergonomic requirements for the operator’s protection. This is why the driver has a spacious cab with plenty of legroom and good all-round visibility, all display gages and switches within reach, and rubber bearing decoupled drive axles that reduce vibrations during travel. What’s more, the Linde Load Control ensures that the driver can control all of the lift mast functions with their fingertips, alleviating pressure on their back.

  • Dual pedal control
  • Linde Load Control
  • Hydrostatic steering
  • Automotive standard cab
  • Good all-round visibility

The Linde H40 – H50 IC trucks: high performance, low exhaust emissions, and smooth movement. Qualities that are assured by modern high-torque diesel, propellant gas, and natural gas engines, and the hydrostatic direct drive. Linde Load Control improves the pace of handling, as the driver can effortlessly control all truck and mast movements down to the very last millimeter. Users also benefit from a lifting hydraulic system featuring a variable replacement pump that provides the power required for high lifting speeds, thereby reducing engine revolutions, fuel consumption, and wear.

  • Cost-effective consumption
  • High torque
  • Linde Load Control
  • Smooth, precise movement
  • Hydraulic variable replacement pump for additional functions

The Linde H40 – H50 IC trucks are rarely out of action thanks to their long maintenance intervals. The first oil change is only necessary after 1000 operating hours, and the first hydraulic oil change after 6000. Naturally, this means reductions to oil and spare parts costs. Additionally, many of the moving part contact points such as the axial rotation or the mast and tilt cylinder bearing require no checks at all.

  • Reduced servicing and downtime
  • Low oil and spare parts costs
  • Maintenance-free movement parts
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