H100 – H180 D


The H100 – H180 D IC trucks can transport even the heaviest of loads precisely, swiftly, and cost-effectively, securing a competitive advantage in terms of handling performance. All this is made possible by Linde’s hydrostatic drive, which allows heavy trucks to be moved with millimeter precision. The driver can quickly and smoothly shift between backward and forward movement, while modern diesel engines guarantee high torque and low fuel consumption.


Product Overview

Large glass panes and the curved windscreen offer the driver exceptional visibility – and the same is true to the rear, as the visibility-optimized counterbalance has drastically reduced the blind spot behind the truck. Plus, the driver’s cab is positioned exactly in the middle facing forward. Seat monitoring locks out the operational and driving hydraulics when the driver is not sat in the truck. What’s more, when the heavy truck reverses, a clear (85 dB) signal sounds, alerting other trucks and people on foot.

  • Excellent all-round visibility
  • Seat monitoring
  • Counterbalance and mast optimized for visibility
  • Automatically applied parking brake

When developing this heavy load truck, our goal was to create an ergonomic workspace. That’s why, for example, the driver’s cab is decoupled from the chassis and engine by numerous rubber bearings, meaning the driver feels fewer vibrations and shocks. Features such as the height-adjustable armrests and steering column, and the adjustable seat with hydraulic suspension, all work to ensure an ergonomic workspace. The Linde dual pedal steering alleviates the driver’s day-to-day work, requiring only gentle pedal movements, preventing fatigue.

  • Rubber bearing decoupled driver’s cab
  • Hydraulic suspension seat
  • Minimal effort required to operate truck
  • Height-adjustable arm rests and steering column

Power on demand: the principle underlining the H100 – H180 D IC trucks – the engine speed is regulated according to the amount of power required. This means that the engine is always running in the most efficient range, thereby saving fuel. The smooth Linde hydrostatics ensure excellent handling performance, as the driver can accelerate without the need to engage the clutch or shift gears, and the truck automatically comes to a standstill as soon as the driver’s foot leaves the pedal. Plus, Linde Load Control allows them to precisely control the lifting height and fork position.

  • High torque diesel engines
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Hydrostatic direct drive
  • Precise load movements with Linde Load Control

Not only is the Linde hydrostatic direct drive wear-free, it also operates without a transmission, clutch, differential, or drum brakes. This significantly reduces servicing costs incurred by the truck. The side-mounted service box allows for rapid maintenance work, affording the mechanic direct access to various filters, batteries, the windscreen washer fluid tank, and diagnostic connector. The driver’s cab can also be tilted laterally using an electro-hydraulic pump in order to carry out works in the engine compartment.

  • Wear-free drive
  • Side-mounted service box
  • Easily accessible engine compartment
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