Efficient pallet handling on two levels

The D10 pallet stacker from Linde Material Handling enables a fast material flow even in cramped and highly frequented environments. It can transport two pallets simultaneously with a total weight of 2,000 kilograms using the forks and load arms. The innovative rollers ensure stability whilst transferring goods as well as when loading and unloading. Thanks to the narrow chassis, measuring at just 720 mm, and the creep speed function, precise control in narrow aisles is possible. The long tiller with low mounting point always ensures sufficient safety clearance between the truck and operator. The truck adjusts its speed and lifting functions in proportion to the tiller angle.



Product Overview

The long tiller of the D10 pallet stacker with low mounting point provides ample safety clearance between the truck and the operator. In addition, the low chassis guard protects the operator’s feet. If the operator brings the tiller into a horizontal or vertical position, the truck brakes automatically, this means even heavy loads can be maneuvered safely through the warehouse. An optional load backrest prevents the goods from slipping or falling.

  • Long tiller with low mounting point
  • Steel guard for operator protection
  • Automatic braking system
  • Optional load backrest

Thanks to the ergonomic tiller head, the operator can control all functions comfortably and intuitively with their fingertips. The double-grip steering control can be handled flexibly from both the right and left. In narrow spaces, the operator can move the tiller into an upright position and activate the creep speed function. All important work equipment, such as gloves and film rolls are stored in a spacious storage compartment in the truck, keeping everything close to hand. The multifunction display provides information about the current truck status at a glance.

  • Ergonomic tiller head
  • Double-grip steering control
  • Spacious storage compartment
  • Multifunction display

The pallet stacker can transport two pallets with a total weight of 2,000 kilograms. Its compact and powerful 1.5 kW engine reaches a speed of up to 6 kilometers per hour. The Linde OptiLift control system ensures smooth control of the mast for the operator and uses the creep speed function in tight spaces. In addition, the innovative rollers allow for precise maneuvering and always provide optimum stability.

  • Efficient transport of two pallets
  • 1.5 kW engine
  • Linde OptiLift
  • Innovative rollers

The maintenance-free AC engine and the robust design reduce service costs and increase the truck’s availability. All internal components are clearly arranged and easily accessible. The service technician can read the truck data conveniently and reliably via the CAN bus connection on a mobile device.

  • Maintenance-free drive technology
  • Easy maintenance access
  • Fast diagnosis through CAN bus connection
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