D10 FP

Agile with two pallets

The D10 FP pallet stacker is a compact and powerful double deck loader. With a chassis width of just 720 mm and electric power steering, it is extremely maneuverable even in the tightest of spaces. It is therefore particularly suitable for loading and unloading and for medium-to-long pallet transfer. The powerful 2.3-kW engine enables powerful acceleration up to 10 km/h. The D10 FP can pick up two pallets at the same time, which guarantees maximum handling performance. The truck is equipped with a steel chassis skirt to protect the driver from minor impacts.



Product Overview

When working with the D10 FP double-deck pallet stacker, the driver remains within the protective truck contours at all times, so there is no risk of injury even when maneuvering in confined spaces. The truck is also equipped with a steel chassis that extends to the ground to protect against minor collisions. Independently operating braking systems ensure the load and driver are kept safe. The entire driver’s platform is designed to act as a dead man’s switch. As soon as the driver leaves the truck, it brakes automatically. When cornering, the truck automatically adjusts the speed to prevent tipping accidents.

  • Steel chassis for driver protection
  • Independent braking systems
  • Driver’s platform acts as a dead man’s switch
  • Adapted speed when cornering

The ergonomically shaped handle of the D10 FP double-deck pallet stacker can be effortlessly operated with both hands, ensuring precise and comfortable load handling. The padded backrest offers additional comfort and ensures that the driver can work in a comfortable posture throughout the entire shift. The height of the control handle can be adjusted to suit the driver’s physical requirements. As an option, the operator’s platform can be decoupled from the chassis and suspended, so that shocks are not transmitted to the operator on uneven road surfaces. Spacious storage compartments provide ample space for important working materials.

  • Ergonomic, height-adjustable control handle
  • Padded backrest
  • Optional fully suspended driver’s compartment
  • Large storage compartments for work tools

The D10 FP double-deck pallet stacker can transport two pallets simultaneously and has a combined lifting capacity of 2000 kilograms (1 t/1 t). Thanks to its narrow design and electric power steering, the truck is extremely agile and can be easily maneuvered in the tightest of spaces. The powerful 2.3-kW engine provides acceleration up to 10 km/h. The optional Speed Management optimizes the speed depending on the load weight on the upper fork. Depending on the task, the D10 FP can be equipped with different mast types. The maximum mast height is 2424 mm. Optional support wheels mounted to the left and right of the drive wheel provide additional traction and stability.

  • Efficient transport of two pallets
  • Outstanding maneuverability
  • Powerful acceleration
  • Different mast variants

A robust construction and the drive’s maintenance-free AC technology enable long maintenance intervals and guarantee high truck availability. If maintenance work is required, the CAN bus connection of the D10 FP ensures simple service processes: The service technician reads the truck’s system data and analyzes it quickly and easily via laptop. All truck components are easily accessible so that service work can be carried out effortlessly. An optional digital instrument display provides the driver with an overview of all relevant truck information at all times.

  • Fast diagnostics through CAN bus connection
  • Maintenance-free drive technology
  • Easy maintenance access
  • High truck availability
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