T20 – T25 AP/SP

Perfect ergonomics, quick work processes

The T20 – T25 AP/SP pallet trucks offer tailored ergonomic working conditions for the driver. Linde’s basic concept is flexible. In the AP model, the driver can move the standing platform up, and fold down the steering tiller. The platform truck changes into a full-service pedestrian model as needed. In contrast, the SP mode has a fixed standing platform.

The truck has an e-driver controller from Linde, with which the operator stands at a right angle to the direction of travel and can see both forward and backward. Many maneuvers are therefore much easier and can be done more quickly. The pallet trucks have a maximum lifting capacity of 2000 or 2400 kg depending on the model. Lithium-ion batteries are also available.



Product Overview

A solid steel skirt reaching to the floor absorbs slight impacts and protects the driver’s body. The compact design of the steering unit ensures that the driver always stays inside the solid body of the truck when driving.

Both models have three independent braking systems ensuring the safety of the driver and the load in every driving situation. If the operator takes their foot off of the drive switch, the electromagnetic braking system activates automatically. The same applies if the dead-man switch is released or the emergency stop activated.

  • Solid steel skirt
  • Compact steering design
  • Three independent braking systems
In the SP model, the driver stands at a right angle to the fork direction, about 45 degrees. This position makes it easier for them to see around them. It is not necessary to twist their body when reversing, placing strain upon it.

The padded backrest offers additional comfort. The standing platform is also heavily padded, so that the driver does not have to sway on uneven ground; this provides important protection from physical strain. With both models, the driver benefits from precise power steering which can be operated without straining. They can also access broad, deep storage compartments. The driver can therefore always access the tools they need.

  • Turned standing position at 45 degrees
  • Deep storage compartments
  • Padded backrest
  • Cushioned standing platform

The pallet truck T20 – T25 AP/SP can reach a maximum speed of ten kilometers per hour with and without loads and can also manage a gradient of up to 13 percent. The interplay of the 3 kW three-phase motor and active support wheels enable the truck to accelerate quickly and powerfully. The hydraulic suspension of the wheels adapts to the load, driving situation, and speed and ensures consistent stability and traction. When the truck is on a gradient, a hill hold system ensures that the truck does not roll backwards.

The Linde e-driver controller is important for increasing handling activities in the SP version. The compact steering wheel contains all of the controls and can be quickly operated with the left or right hand.

  • Powerful three-phase motor
  • Active support wheels
  • Start assistant for starting up on gradients
  • e-driver controller
The CAN bus structure of the pallet trucks make the service process easier. The technician connects his notebook and can then see all the truck data. They can reach all truck components quickly.

The three-phase electric motor technology is maintenance-free. In addition, rugged construction ensures that the truck can withstand tough, continuous use and only has to be serviced occasionally. Each fork carries up to 2000 kg without bending and the entire truck is made of cast steel.

  • Truck data readouts via CAN bus connection
  • Maintenance-free three-phase technology
  • Rugged construction for low service costs
  • Easily accessible service components
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