M25 Scale+

Weighing and transporting in one step

The pallet lift truck M25 Scale+ has a scale system with a tolerance of only 500 g. This means users are spared a trip to an external precision scale and save time when loading a truck. Linde also offers printers and memory cards if the user wants to store the measurement. For example, deviations from actual order quantities can be documented. The warp-free construction of the M25 Scale+ ensures high handling performance. In this way, the truck not only has an extraordinarily high load capacity for the class, but can also handle tough, continuous use with no need for servicing. The operator’s hands are protected by a wide tiller handle. The M25 Scale+ pallet truck can transport weights of up to 2500 kg.



Product Overview

The wide tiller handle protects hands when there is little space for shunting. A low chassis prevents the operator’s feet from getting stuck under the equipment. Overall, the M25 Scale + has no sharp edges or corners on which one could be injured.

  • Hand protection from wide tiller handle
  • Low chassis protects feet
  • Design without sharp corners or edges

The construction of the M25 Scale+ makes many transport jobs easier and improves working conditions when handling loads. The truck has two rubber drive wheels which ensure smooth driving and reduce vibrations when pulling the pallet truck. Small rollers on the tips of the fork enable the user to lift the pallet effortlessly. If there is not much space available, the operator can easily move the tiller in both directions.

  • Rubber drive wheels for smooth driving
  • Run-in rollers on the tip of the fork
  • Tiller with large steering angle
  • Simple scale operation
The steel chassis of the M25 Scale+ is very rugged and warp-free. The truck can therefore handle 25 percent more load than comparable hand lift trucks and has a higher handling capacity. The precision scale is easy to operate and calculates the load weight in a few seconds. This saves time. Pointed prongs simplify lifting of wrapped pallets. Steering wheels and rollers have low roll resistance. This means the operator can move the M25 Scale+ quickly and easily.

  • Quick-response scale
  • High load capacity
  • Wheels with low roll resistance
  • Pointed fork prongs

The electric scale system is designed for a run time of 50 hours. Generally, the user only has to plug the device in once a month. The service costs are very low for this pallet truck. All central connections are stable slide bushings that don’t need servicing. The same applies to the encapsulated, dust-protected hydraulic system. Powder coating protects the chassis from corrosion.

  • Scale system with long run time
  • Rollers with low-wear slide bushings
  • Dust-protected hydraulic system
  • Chassis with corrosion protection
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