D06, D08

Compact and agile for double the handling performance

The pedestrian double stackers D06 and D08 are ideal for easy logistical use, for example where there are rapid transport and order picking processes in the supermarket. Despite a lift height of 2024 mm, the trucks are very compact. This makes working in narrow warehouses easier. And using the innovative creep button, the truck can still maneuver precisely even when there is very little space available. The innovative caster system provides even more safety. It improves traction and stability even on uneven floors. The operator has a good view of the load and the path through the special mast construction. The D06 and D08 pallet stackers can simultaneously transport two palettes with a total capacity of 600 kg or 800 kg respectively.



Product Overview

The D06 an D08 pallet stackers ensure the safety of the operator. It starts with the tiller: It is long, and has a mounting point low on the forklift truck. Therefore, adequate safety clearance between operator and chassis is ensured. On top of this, the low chassis skirt protects the operator’s feet. Thanks to the creep speed button, the Linde SafetySpeed and SafetyLift functions, safe transport and order picking is possible even in confined areas.

  • Long tiller with low attachment point
  • Creep speed button for safe transport with raised tiller
  • SafetySpeed for automatic speed adjustment depending on tiller position
  • SafetyLift for safe lifting movements with vertical tiller position
  • Deep chassis for foot guard
The pedestrian double stackers are easy to operate with the tiller. It even functions when the operator is wearing gloves. Creep speed button for use in particularly confined spaces. The truck moves at a speed of 1.5 km/h. Generous compartments provide space for work tools and make work processes easier.

  • All control elements are placed ergonomically on the tiller
  • Easy maneuvering in narrow aisle warehouses using the creep speed button
  • Generously designed storage compartments
The special strength of the double stacker is in the handling. Its intuitive operating concept makes it possible to lift and lower the load with high levels of precision. It’s also important that the lifting cylinders are installed on the side, and the operator therefore has a good view of the load and the shelf. In addition, the goods are lowered gently to the floor using the Soft Landing function. When using as a double stacker, two pallets up to a weight of 800 kg can be transported and stored. The patented caster wheel system provides improved traction and stability.

  • Sensitive and precise load handling
  • Optimal view of the load and the shelf with the side mounted lifting cylinders
  • Soft Landing function for soft deposition of the load
  • Pallet stop for quick stacking of two pallets
  • Improved traction and stability through a 3 point caster wheel system
All of the important truck components can be easily reached by the service technician. They are located directly under the motor cover. The service technician can read out all of the relevant truck data via a CAN bus system for error and wear and tear diagnosis. In addition, a multi-function display continually shows the battery charge status, operating hours, service status and possible errors. The maintenance-free, moisture and dust resistant 1.2 kW three-phase motor ensures continually high availability. The patented caster wheel system is another important factor when it comes to servicing: With this technology it is no longer necessary to readjust the casters.

  • Machine components are placed under the motor cover to be easily accessible
  • Maintenance-free, moisture and dust resistant 1.2 kW three-phase motors. No readjustment of the casters necessary
  • Multi-functional display for a good overview of the machine’s functions
  • Rapid readout of the machine data via the CAN bus system
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