The P250 electric tow tractor from Linde Material Handling transports very heavy loads over medium and long distances quickly and safely. Amongst other things, this is made possible by powerful electric motors and smooth hydraulic steering, which makes the tow tractor easy to maneuver. The turning radius of the P250 is also very small. Hydraulic oscillating elements are positioned between the cab and the chassis. This construction prevents unevenness in the driving surface leading to powerful shocks in the cab. The solid, one-piece chassis surrounds the whole truck. It is particularly rigid and is specially constructed for the tough demands encountered in heavy-duty operation. The P250 electric tow tractor tows a maximum towing capacity of 25 tons and reaches a top speed of 25 kilometers per hour.



Product Overview

The P250 has three independent braking systems which ensure safety in every driving situation. The driver controls the hydraulic brakes on the front axle and the disc brakes on the rear axis using their foot pedal, and there is also a separately activated reverse current brake when the driver reduces the speed. In addition, an electric parking brake is available. The sturdy chassis and the robust cab are also important for protecting the driver. Large cab windows provide good all-round visibility. Not least, the truck has a low center of gravity, and therefore has stable driving behavior.

  • Three independent braking systems
  • Good all-round visibility
  • Robust cab
  • Low center of gravity

he truck has a large, ergonomic driver’s cab. The pedals, the height-adjustable steering wheel and all the control elements are arranged as they would be in a car and are easy to reach. The driver’s cab being decoupled from the chassis prevents strong vibrations from reaching the driver. An additional option is a fully suspended driver’s seat that avoids fatigue. For additional ease during the working day, there are lots of storage compartments for writing instruments or work tools. A low entry height makes it easier for the driver to get into the cab.

  • Height-adjustable steering wheel
  • Large driver’s cab
  • Fully suspended driver’s seat
  • Lots of storage compartments
  • Clear arrangement of the control elements

Powerful electric motors on each axle and a precisely adjusted controller ensure a sustained high towing capacity. Because the truck system controls the two 10 kW motors separately from one another, a differential gear is superfluous. This increases the reliability of the trucks, and also the drive is efficient and economical. In addition, the P250 has seamless acceleration. The truck is very versatile, considering its compact dimensions. Together with the smooth hydraulic steering, it makes many driving maneuvers easier. Depending on the usage situation, truck variants with different wheelbases are available for greater versatility or improved directional stability.

  • Powerful electric motors
  • Seamless acceleration
  • Small turning circle
  • Smooth and precise steering

In the P250, technicians can easily reach all the service components; these also include the battery, which is located directly underneath the loading area. A CAN bus interface is also available; after connecting the notebook, the technician can see central truck data at a glance. The three-phase motor is maintenance-free. The multi-functional display in the cab displays pending maintenance in good time.

  • Easy servicing access
  • CAN bus interface
  • Maintenance-free three-phase motor
  • Multi-functional display with maintenance information
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