E20 – E35


Safe and quick in tight spaces

The E20 – E35 electric forklift trucks are ideally suited to indoor use. Their compact design and agility ensure high handling capacities even in tight spaces. In particular, the twin-motor front-wheel drive together with the Linde combined steering axle facilitates exceptional maneuverability. Thanks to a common platform for both electric and combustion engine trucks, the electric forklifts further impresses with improved ergonomics and by a generous driver workspace. The synergies of this platform means the electric forklift truck gives the driver significantly more space and an especially comfortable operating experience.


Product Overview

One of the most important safety characteristics is the good visibility afforded to the driver by the slimline mast design, the narrow A-pillar, and the lowered front plate. The roof design also allows a largely unrestricted view upwards which is helpful for loading and unloading. The truck’s low center of gravity and high steering axle ensure good stability when cornering. In addition, Linde Curve Assist, fitted as standard, reduces the speed according to the cornering angle. Linde Load Assist, which is also integrated as standard, helps prevent accidents caused by falling loads. If the load tips too far forwards when lifting, the assistance system reduces the forward tilt and lifting speed according to the lifting height.

  • Optimum visibility of the load and surroundings
  • Tilt protection on bends with Linde Curve Assist
  • Linde Load Assist prevents tipping over caused by loads that are too heavy

The driver’s cabin is spacious and its ergonomic seat provides a comfortable workstation to combat tension and exhaustion. The wide field of vision allows good visibility in all directions including both the load and the surrounding area. All of the important control elements are positioned within easy reach of the driver to reduce physical strain. The fact that the chassis is separated from the steering axle and mast improves the driving experience even on uneven floors, as well as an additional elastomer ring bearing to absorb shocks to the front axle. As a result, fewer vibrations and jolts are felt by the driver. In addition, the noise level, such as the noise caused by rattling fork carriages or lift chains, is also reduced. Both aspects reduce the level of physical strain on the driver and improve work performance.

  • Spacious cab with optimum visibility of the load and the surrounding area
  • Ergonomic seats with control elements within easy reach
  • Separation of the workstation, drive and mast make for a more comfortable drive

The E20 – E35 electric forklift trucks are exceptionally agile, due to the combination of twin-motor front-wheel drive and the patented combined steering axle. In addition, the overhead tilt cylinder, in combination with the torsion-resistant mast design, offers a high residual load capacity and safe load handling at lifting heights of up to 6.5 meters. The new synchronous reluctance motor improves the performance characteristics of the forklift truck and measurably increases energy efficiency. Thanks to a standardized design, customers have a free choice of lead-acid, lithium-ion battery or fuel cell energy-storage systems. This means that batteries already available, for example, can continue in use. Wireless access to truck data and controls means the trucks can easily be integrated into logistic, safety, and fleet management systems, and analyze information on the usage and condition of the trucks.

  • High maneuverability from twin-motor front-wheel drive plus combination steering axle
  • Mast design ensures safe handling up to a height of 6.5 meters
  • Free choice of energy-storage systems
  • Wireless connectivity facilitates data analysis and integration into digital processes

On the standard 3.5-inch display, the driver can view all of the important information—such as battery level, warning lights and operating hours—at a glance. The ability to install firmware updates and diagnose faults remotely means that no visits from service technicians are required for these tasks. Service intervals are calculated on the basis of constantly updated operating hours. Remote diagnosis allows wear and any damage that occurs to be identified at an early stage. Timely servicing or repair can avoid serious consequential damage. Modular assemblies such as the mast or driver’s workstation can be replaced quickly and easily, reducing the downtime required for repairs.

  • Simple servicing
  • Remote diagnosis and maintenance reduce servicing costs
  • Replacement of modular assemblies shortens repair downtime

Technical Data

Model Load Capacity / Load Lift Travel Speed, With / Without Load Battery Voltage / Rated Capacity (5h) Aisle Width with Pallet 800 x 1200 Along Forks
E20 2.0 (t) 3030 (mm) 20 / 20 km/h 80 / 460 / 500 (V) / (Ah) o. kWh 3769 (mm)
E20 / 600H 2.0 (t) 3330 (mm) 20 / 20 km/h 80 / 560 / 620 (V) / (Ah) o. kWh 3803 (mm)
E25 2.5 (t) 3030 (mm)  20 / 20 km/h 80 / 460 / 500 (V) / (Ah) o. kWh 3769 (mm)
E25 / 600H 2.5 (t) 3295 (mm)  20 / 20 km/h 80 / 560 / 620 (V) / (Ah) o. kWh 3837 (mm)
E25/600HL 2.5 (t) 3295 (mm)  20 / 20 km/h 80 / 700/ 775 (V) / (Ah) o. kWh 3982 (mm)
E25L 2.5 (t) 3030 (mm)  20 / 20 km/h 80 / 575 / 625 (V) / (Ah) o. kWh 3910 (mm)
E30 3.0 (t) 2995 (mm)  20 / 20 km/h 80 / 460 / 500 (V) / (Ah) o. kWh 3888 (mm)
E30 / 600H 3.0 (t) 3295 (mm)  20 / 20 km/h 80 / 560 / 620 (V) / (Ah) o. kWh 3835 (mm)
E30 / 600HL 3.0 (t) 3295 (mm)  20 / 20 km/h 80 / 700 / 775 (V) / (Ah) o. kWh 3980 (mm)
E30 / 600HL Beverage 3.0 (t) 4095 (mm)  20 / 20 km/h 80 / 700 / 775 (V) / (Ah) o. kWh 3980 (mm)
E30L 3.0 (t) 2995 (mm)  20 / 20 km/h 80 / 575 / 625 (V) / (Ah) o. kWh 3983 (mm)
E35HL 3.5 (t) 3295 (mm)  20 / 20 km/h 80 / 700 / 775 (V) / (Ah) o. kWh 3980 (mm)
E35L 3.5 (t) 2995 (mm)  20 / 20 km/h 80 / 575 / 625 (V) / (Ah) o. kWh 4038 (mm)
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