E20 – E35


Linde’s new E20 – E35 electric forklift truck line is based on a design principle of high throughput in terms of stacking, transporting, loading, and unloading. This is made possible by the compact axle technology, which features two three-phase traction motors integrated into the front axle and maintenance-free brakes. Suitable for loads between 2000 and 3500 kilograms, this forklift series can be adapted for use in almost any application. For example, there is a compact model for areas where space is at a premium, or a tall truck with a long wheelbase for tall, bulky loads. Plus, brand-new Linde energy management technology ensures smart, transparent energy consumption.


Product Overview

A robust overhead guard, redundant controls, effective traction control, components offering optimal visibility, and high residual load capacities: these are the most crucial safety aspects offered by the E20 – E35 electric forklift truck models. The Linde Protector Frame connects the frame and the roof of the driver’s area, turning the space into an enclosed and robust protective zone. What’s more, the truck’s overhead tilt cylinders allow for slim, encapsulated lift mast profiles – improving visibility and increasing safety during load handling.

  • Components offering optimal visibility and robust overhead guard
  • Safety systems as Standard
  • Protection of drivers, loads and enviroment
  • numerous optional safety systems ex works and as retrofit

Precise work at a high performance level is only possible for an extended period if the operator is comfortable. That’s why all the controls in the spacious driver’s cab are ergonomically laid out. The adjustable armrest and seat unit, Linde Load Control, and dual pedal control, that allows for swift reversing without the driver even having to shift their foot to another pedal, all provide the best possible conditions for fatigue-free work at a high level of performance. Plus, the lift mast and drive axle are decoupled from the chassis and driver’s cab, minimizing the vibrations felt by the driver.

  • Ergonomic control layout
  • Efficient dual pedal control requires no foot repositioning
  • Sensitive control via Linde Load Control
  • Individually adjustable unit consisting of armrest and seat

A special feature of the E20 – E35 series models is the compact axle with two motors mounted on the front drive with maintenance-free brakes and intelligently integrated performance parts. The motors allow the electric forklift trucks to achieve high acceleration, top speeds, and climbing power – and all with low levels of noise. What’s more, they also ensure precision in load handling: the Linde dual pedal control allowing for both millimeter-precise movement of the truck in both directions and the expected maneuverability in narrow aisles. Precise and reliable load handling is also made possible through the fingertip-control of all lift mast functions.

  • Compact axle with two motors
  • High acceleration and top speed
  • Precision dual pedal control Fingertip-controlled load handling

Important maintenance aspects were taken into consideration when the trucks were designed, which is why all important components are easily accessible via service panels. Maintenance intervals are considerably longer than industry standards, and central parts such as the electric motors and brakes operate maintenance-free. What’s more, the new Linde energy management system ensures smart, transparent energy consumption. Electricity can be quickly and variably transmitted via an integrated charger or by any one of five different convenient battery changing methods, guaranteeing low downtimes and high forklift availability.

  • Maintenance-friendly design
  • All components easily accessible
  • Energy management system for flexible energy supply
  • Maintenance-free electric motors and brakes
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