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With 77 product lines, Linde Material Handling offers customers the broadest range of intralogistics products. With the different chassis and mast variants, battery sizes, designs and cabins, as well as a large amount of special equipment available, the products are always configured to meet the respective requirements.

You can find an overview of the product groups here:


Linde Material Handling electric forklift trucks are ideal for precise and efficient logistics processes thanks to their special compact axle.

Diesel / LPG Trucks

The hydrostatic drives of Linde Material Handling’s IC trucks deliver exceptionally precise, efficient handling performance.

Pallet Trucks

Pallet trucks from Linde Material Handling ensure rapid transport processes in the warehouse, for truck deliveries or order picking.

Pallet Stackers

Agile, powerful, low maintenance: The Linde pallet stackers enable efficient load handling over short and long distances.

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VNA Trucks

High handling performance and particularly safe handling processes in narrow aisles – Linde Material Handling has designed its turret trucks and vertical order pickers to meet the challenges of very narrow aisles.

Reach Trucks

Load handling in warehouses requires numerous movements and maneuvering, often in confined spaces and at height. Linde reach trucks are tailor-made for these conditions.

Order Pickers

With their special design concept, Linde order pickers ensure fast, precise, and comfortable picking processes.

Tow tractors and platform trucks

The tow tractors and platform trucks from Linde Material Handling provide rapid and reliable transport, even with little space and in narrow aisles.

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Logistic Trains

Linde Material Handling logistic trains are the ideal transport solution for synchronized-production material flows.

Automated Trucks

Cost-effective and safe: The Linde Material Handling MATIC series of autonomous forklift trucks use geo-navigation technology.

Explosion-Proof Trucks

The explosion-proof (‘Ex’) trucks from Linde Material Handling combine the tried-and-tested advantages of series-produced trucks with comprehensive explosion protection measures as per the ATEX Product Directives.

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